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Our Pastor and Congregation warmly welcomes you to our church. St. John's is a member of the Association of Free lutheran Congregations. We believe the bible is God's Word, inspired and inerrant, and that is has the answers for life. We believe salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone. It is our pleasure to have you vistinging with us today. If you are looking for a church home please consider visiting with us on Sunday morning or call the church office for more information.

Our Pastor

George Winston Sr. Pastor

Pastor George and wife Leslie Winston began ministry in Newark, Oh on Oct 2016. Former pastor of Grace Free Lutheran Church in Bruce S.D. He graduated from A.F.L.C seminary in May of 2015. Pastor George was in the Commercial heating and air conditioning trade in Washington D.C for about 18 years before entering in to full time ministry. He has served as a interim pastor and has a passion for men's ministry. He has served on many Via de Christo (a walk with Christ) Weekends for men and co-ed retreats over the past several years.

I met my lovely wife Leslie in our senior year of high school. After graduating in 1992 we were married in Dec 1994, now married for 21 years. We have been blessed with two daughters Kim and Kirsten. Leslie and I were both born and raised in Maryland, about an hour north of Washington D.C and Baltimore M.D. We have enjoyed traveling seeing new places and meeting people. As a family we spent many years at the race track drag racing and at our daughter's sports events. And we enjoy as a family to go shooting targets or trap shooting. My beautiful wife and daughters love to be creative in crafts and baking. I find enjoyment in doing glass art work as a hobby.

As a pastor, I came to experience living faith in Jesus while at a youth camp as a teenager, and when I returned from the camp, my pastor discipled me to the assurance of Salvation by faith in Jesus alone! I am forever grateful for that gift and time learning, and desire to see many others come to a saving faith in Jesus. Yet I walked away to seek my own path for several years before returning to that blessed assurance. Because of my faith journey, I find I love God's word and I try to share it in a simple down to earth manner and in a personal way, through my preaching in the pulpit or in bible studies. I find rich growth in personal conversations working through questions about Christianity. I know for me in my faith walk from unbelieving to finding Jesus in a real and personal way I wrestled with God's word and the world. By God's grace working through my wrestling it helped me to settle once and for all what I know to be the truth as a sinner saved by grace. By God love and mercy we can only live the Christian life by being born again through repentance and daily asking for the Holy Spirit to empower us to live the way He wants us to live.

I welcome you to come visit and be blessed by worshiping with us at St. John's Lutheran Church on Sunday mornings. If you would like to visit or would need to talk my office is in the fellowship hall. Pastor George Winston and Family